7 things a Lizzie Bits lover can identify with…

  1. The fuzzy feeling you get knowing you are supporting local business and Canadian companies.

When you shop at LB you are helping stimulate our local economy, but you are also supporting our families.  In a way, your shopping helps stay at home mompreneurs who create our merchandise to stay home with their children, sends a little girl to dance class or a little boy to swimming.  Look at you, supporting your community!


  1. “I saw this online, but after shipping and customs it was way too expensive.”

We’ve all been there. You’re shopping online and add the items to your cart… only to realize upon clicking check out that after the exchange rate, customs and or shipping, you don’t love your purchases as much as you thought you did, so you close the window faster than your kid throws their food on the floor at supper time.


  1. “I was only in for one thing, I swear.”

Without a doubt that is one of the most common things said at the store…and we laugh because we’ve all been there.  (So much so that one of our staffers jokes that she doesn’t need a paycheck, because it all gets spent at the store anyways!)  Sure, you’re only coming in for that must have t-shirt you saw in the window, but then you see that we carry a lot of our clothes up to 5T and you realize how cute your kids would be in matching t-shirts.


  1. The mom win you achieve when you get something useful AND baby safe, like the all natural bug repellent or the oxybenzone free sunscreen.

Mom wins = that feeling you get when it seems like you’ve actually got a handle on parenting.  Those moments can sometimes be few and far in between.  Getting ready to leave the house is a task in and of itself, let alone making sure your diaper bag is stocked with everything you might need for a day out.  So, when you manage to find a good bug repellent made up entirely of ingredients you can pronounce, it is a well-deserved mom win.


  1. The moment when you recognize a fellow LB shopper (#bitssquad) by something they have and smile because it’s like you’re a part of a club.

It’s that knowing smile or small nod to the mom in the line at the grocery store when you recognize your little ones’ are wearing the same bright yellow Stonz rainboots.  Or when you recognize someone’s diaper bag as the same one you had your eye on at the store a few weeks earlier.  Instant friends.  (Or sometimes frenemies if she bought the bag you had every intention of buying.)


  1. Finding that awesome piece of clothing that doesn’t look like it’s Maternity or meant for Breastfeeding

But guess what? It is!  And the best part? Once you’re done wearing it for what it’s designed for, you’ll still wear it… and not in the same way that you use your maternity pants for Thanksgiving dinner because it’s got the stretchy waistband.


  1. Buy all the things!

We won’t lie, we love it when you buy our stuff.  And we know sometimes, it is possible to go overboard.  But it’s a good kind of overboard, because wouldn’t you know it, just when you say you won’t come back for awhile…. you get a six-box gift card in the mail…. And who doesn’t love free money?

Hilariously written with love by Chelsey Galbraith

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Summer Time and the living is EASY!

Here at Lizzie Bits we’ve been preparing for Summer by bringing in a new line of water/sun protection gear, made by iplay. We are in love with their swim diapers, suits and trunks because they contain a reusable absorbent diaper.  They are public pool approved and designed with swimming and water play in mind.  So, if your little one is playing on the beach and takes a leak, there won’t be any leaks.

Summer Shoes:

My favourite iplay item that we’ve brought in is their water shoes. They’re great for protecting toddler’s feet in and near water.  They’ve got no-slip soles for traction and are made of quick-dry, flexible material for an easy on and off.  I can’t believe that they only cost $15.99.  (I honestly thought the price was a typo the first time I saw them.) Whether you’re at the pool, the lake or just want a breath easy shoe for the summer, these are a must have item.

On the topic of summer footwear, we’re now selling the famous Salt Water Sandals.  After being an American tradition for seventy years, they’ve made the jump across the border.  Ask anyone whose worn or bought a pair before and they’ll tell you that they have an almost cult following.  I’ve never seen such a stylish sandal that’s water friendly like these.  From the ocean to the washing machine, these shoes can take it all.

Swim Suits:

If you want to see something super cute, check out the i-play tankini swimsuits on our shop website.   I can’t get over the cuteness factor.  The tankinis come in an adorable pink paisley or floral yellow colour.  And since we can’t forget the boys, so we also supply swim trunk/board shorts… and both have the absorbent diaper in them.

I should point out that we still LOVE our regular swim diapers too.  We can’t say enough good things about our Nuggles Swimsees.  They are a one size fits all swim diaper with an adjustable mesh liner on the inside.  They are the perfect solution for the ever-growing baby.  Bummis swim diapers are also a one size fits all swim solution.  While they don’t have the handy liner that Swimsees do, Bummis swim diapers are designed to catch solids with a two-lipped elastic band around the leg.  And we can’t forget the AMP swim diaper, which is a two-layer micro mesh diaper that comes in small and large sizes.

Sun Protection:

I-play’s sun-suits are comfortable and easy sun protection clothing that last all day.  They have a UPF of 50+, snap leg openings for easy access and raglan sleeves for coverage and freedom of movement.  Any one who has ever struggled with a toddler’s wardrobe change will appreciate the front closure zipper for easy on and off.

The importance of sun protection can’t be stressed enough when it comes to babies and children.  Their skin is more sensitive and receptive than ours to UV rays and sun damage.  But if a full sun suit isn’t really your little ones’ idea of a good time, we also stock the iplay Breathe Easy Sun Protection Shirt (in a super fun lime green) and the Long Sleeve Rash Guard (in both pink and navy) which both boast UPF 50+.

Sunny Accessories:

While I’m on the topic of sun protection, I always like to mention to parents that we have an extensive stock of baby sunglasses with and without the handy wrap around straps. Both of the brands we carry (Babiators & Real Kids) have a great warranty program.

If you’ve been to the store during summer, you’ve probably seen our Twinklebelle sun hats.  They are the be all to end all sun hats.  These grow-with-me, UPF 50+ hats come in a wide variety of prints and are complete with a chin toggle to prevent unwanted removal.

Obviously, we also carry the standard sun protection items like sunscreen.  Our Original Sprout SPF 27 sunscreen is a probably our most popular summer item.  It’s a non-greasy UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Protection face and body sunscreen that’s great for baby and mom.  No parabens, nanoparticles, lavender, tea tree, petroleum oils, musk, propylene glycol, sulfates, gluten, soy or dairy.  Not to mention, it is animal cruelty free and 100% Vegan.

For the families that are always outdoors enjoying what Kamloops sunny summers have to offer, we also carry an After-sun Aloe Spray by All Things Jill.  It is all natural and great for after playing in the sun.  It’s a blend of soothing aloe juice that helps to moisturize and essential oils to cool and rejuvenate the skin.  (We also carry their bug repellent, which is aptly named “Take a Hike- Outdoor Joose.”)

For those sunny summer road trips, we even stocked up on car window shades. Skip Hop’s car window shade comes in a two pack and protects from the sun’s heat and harmful UVA/UVB rays. It’s got two ways to attach to your window and a handy quick retract button when not in use.

We are totally ready for summer so come on down to the store and let us help you get ready.

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The Magic of Music

A few weeks ago while at a get together with another Mom, I invited her to Tiny Tunes.

Since my friend’s daughter is only a few months old, naturally our topic of discussion focused on adjusting to life with a newborn and the immersion into the nonstop show that is known as Mom Life. As we chat, our conversation moves on to developmental activities like tummy time, finger puppets and flash cards.  She makes the comment I hear all to often at the store, “Oh well, maybe I’m just thinking about it too much…. I’m glad we did this though. It’s nice to get out and talk with another mom instead of being stuck at home.”

I smile knowingly as I snuggle her sweet little girl because I understand.  Sometimes the responsibility of a little human being’s development can be overwhelming.  There are so many different avenues to help introduce our babies to the world, how do you chose what to do and when?

My friend goes to the bathroom and wouldn’t you know it, Murphy’s Law kicks in.  Her little one becomes upset and it peaks my son’s interest.  He reaches out and pulls on my clothes as I stand beside his highchair doing the baby-holding-sway that all parents seem to develop. I can tell he wants to be held too but unfortunately my hands are full and he starts to get upset.

So what do you do when you’re flying solo with two babies under two crying in a coffee shop? Well, if you’re me you start singing.

I’ve been trying to find a suitable way to take my toddler from grumpy monkey to happy clam and I’ve noticed that a rendition of “if you’re grumpy and you know it” seems to do the trick.

My son quiets back down, happily clapping his hands and by the time my friend returns, her daughter is back to her content little self.  My friend makes a comment about my “obvious mom skills” juggling two babies at once and I can’t help but snort and explain that I wasn’t sure about the mom skills but at least I could carry a tune.  I explain that when my son was first born, I found myself singing Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin to him and it was only then that I realized I needed to brush up on my kid friendly songs.

As it turns out, my friend hadn’t taken her daughter to any of the singalong/nursery rhyme classes in town and didn’t really sing to her daughter often.  For me, as the girl who runs our singalong class at the store, the thought seemed foreign. Singing to my son was something I had done since the day he was born.  It had come in handy not only for pacifying and entertaining him, but I also knew it was helpful for his development.  It was at this Mom Date that I realized some folks don’t fully understand the benefits of introducing children to music.

Music has been proven to have a positive effect on babies (and children of any age) by helping to encourage both their mental and physical spheres.  Playing music for and singing to your baby can activate the neural pathways responsible for all kinds of skills such as memory, spatial intelligence (which is ability to perceive various relationships in space and understand the visual world), language, emotional intelligence and creativity.

Music transcends cultures while promoting parent-child bonding through rocking, swaying, singing and dancing.  It encourages rhythm and movement, which aids in gross & fine motor development.  Varying our volume while singing helps to demonstrate the differences in our vocal register.  Singing to our babies is also great for their language skills; because we naturally sing slower than we speak, and tend to annunciate better, so its one of the easiest ways our babies learn to talk.

As they grow older we can enjoy singing and playing with them, which is a great confidence and bond builder.  The benefits of singing to our children definitely outweigh the drawbacks of embarrassing ourselves by being off key, which I will admit, is something I’ve done in public, on more than one occasion.

I should also mention that there are a few perks for us parents too when it comes to Tiny Tunes.  It expands our musical repertoire and helps those of us who might tend to sing off key.  But more than that, it gets us out of the house and into a group setting with other people who are also raising families.  Some of us have similar situations and others not so much, but we all come together for half an hour and lend our voices.  A little chit chat before, during and after our sing along is sometimes just what we need and as we sit around in the Learning Lounge, I’m reminded of the “it takes a village to raise a child” adage.

So knowing all of that, let’s take the daunting task of child development and simplify it.  The question of what we can do to help our little ones have the best start in life isn’t if we should sing to our babies.  The question is what will we sing to our babies.  Come check out Tiny Tunes on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM and find out.

               ~ Chelsey Galbraith

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Baby Carriers


As the weather turns warmer and people are heading outdoors, we’re finding A LOT of interest in our carrier selection. Let’s take a moment to review the different types of carriers so if you’re in the market for a carrier, you can make a decision that will fit your lifestyle!

There are many amazing reasons to Babywear:

  • Helps increase your bond with your baby
  • Soothes a fussy baby
  • Helps get a baby to sleep at nap time
  • Assists getting chores and work done around the house
  • Running errands
  • Walking/hiking/camping
  • Navigating crowded places where strollers can be a hassle (airport, farmers market, sporting events, etc.)
  • Breastfeeding while on the go


Now that you’re convinced that you need a carrier, let’s see what may be best for you!

We have 4 different types of carriers: Wrap, Ring sling, Mei-tai, and soft-structured.

Wrap ~ Wraps are pieces of long cloth that wrap around your body and your baby. Wraps offer great head, neck, and back support for your baby. They are also comfortable for the wearer as they evenly distribute your baby’s weight. There is a learning curve for properly tying a wrap and it may take more time to secure baby compared to other types of carriers. The fabric tends to be very long and some people may find it difficult to get it on and off when they are out and about town or travelling. Once you’ve got it mastered though, using a wrap is a wonderful and beautiful way to carry your little one!

Ring sling ~ Ring slings are single pieces of fabric that go over one of your shoulders and use rings to secure the fabric together. It forms a pouch to hold your baby in front of you. They are great for keeping baby nice and close. These are a very popular purchase as they are ready for newborns (7lbs+) and will accommodate as your baby grows. They are simple to use and quick to put on and take off. Some people may find this carrier becomes uncomfortable as baby gets heavier.

Mei-Tai ~ Mei-tai carriers have fabric straps attached to the body of the carrier. These straps can be tied in a variety of ways to wear your baby on your front, back, or hip. Mei-tai style carriers are simple and easy-to-use, and can accommodate infants to toddlers. They are great if you are active or want to babywear while you work, as they provide structure but are very flexible. Some people may not choose this if they prefer a more structured feel to their carrier and like the peace-of-mind of buckled straps.

Soft-structured ~ Soft-structured carriers are a great family-friendly option. We find that many people choose this style of carrier when both parents are planning on babywearing. They provide structure, easy-to-use buckled straps, are adjustable when changing sizes of the wearer, are very comfortable as they evenly distribute the baby’s weight on the wearer, and easy to put on and take off. The various designs are generally worn on your front, back, or hip and are ideal for older babies and toddlers, although many have an infant insert that make them compatible with newborns. People love this style of carrier especially for longer periods of babywearing, travelling, getting chores done, exercising and hiking. There is a small learning curve to putting on a soft-structured carrier on your own but it doesn’t take long! You may not choose this style of carrier if you don’t like the feel of buckled straps, or if you have a preference for a different style of carrier. Also, this one tends to be warmer for longer wearing sessions as baby and wearer share body heat.

Sometimes we compare getting a carrier to getting shoes…you can’t buy one pair of shoes and use them year round and for every occasion…so you may want to consider more than one carrier.

Although carriers are an investment, they are one worth making because the rewards are so incredible! It really can make such a difference in your life.

Come in to check out our selection and get out enjoying that great weather with your baby!

CLICK HERE to take a look online 🙂

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Welcome to the family…

Well my dear friends, this is it – this is the post I’ve written too many times. The post I dreamt about, the post I had nightmares about the post I never thought I would ever EVER write.  It is time for me to say goodbye.

With a happy, healthy, sad and full heart I’d like to introduce you to Jenn, Chad and Amaya – as of April 25th they will officially become our Lizzie Bits family. Jenn, Chad and Amaya have made the decision to take over ownership of Lizzie Bits Baby Co. 12922378_10156763049085574_1273657333_o

3+ years ago when Cory and I decided to jump into the world of retail we agreed that we would work as hard as we could for 3 years to make Lizzie Bits the community Kamloops deserved. Flash forward to fall of 2015 and we were approached by a few different families to purchase our lovely boutique – at the time, we weren’t thinking about selling, how could we? I LOVE going to work everyday, I LOVE helping families, I LOVE holding and cuddling new squishies, I LOVE my friends. The more we spoke with Jenn, the more we realized how much the shop could grow with her at the helm of the ship!

“and suddenly you just know … it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings”  – Meister Eckhart

12011195_1069468716410549_370821704179341699_nAlthough my passion and heart lives with Lizzie Bits, and it always will, I was finding it more and more difficult to look everyone in the eye and tell them that I have used and LOVED the product I was telling them about.  Cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursing apparel, children’s accessories have all evolved – the trouble is, my children have as well! I don’t often get to test out the newest products and I found myself relying on feedback from others.

We love Jenn and we know that you will love her too – the great news about all of this? I’ll still be around … A LOT (in fact I told her she’d have to change the locks to keep me away!)… The only differences that you will notice are MORE great products and a new face to welcome you. All of the ladies at the shop are on board to continue to give you great service, smiles and conversation!

Throughout this month we will share teasers, samples and reveal some great new happening, hip, terrifically awesome products that will be making their debut in the shop on April 26th. We will close on the 25th to load in all of the new products and cannot wait to share with you!

Thank you to each one of you that have become a piece of our family network. Thank you so much for looking to us for advice, guidance and friendship. Thank you so much for stopping in to make us part of your day. Thank you.

So much love, light and bright energy to each and everyone of you! You have made Lizzie Bits what it is today, you have made my dreams into a reality, YOU have made this all such an amazing roller coaster of a ride. I cannot wait to see what Jenn and Chad bring to this community – they are so very excited to share with you their story and passion I know that there is no where to go but up!

xoxo Kathy




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Dear DivaCup Diary…


The DivaCupHello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my tale about using the DivaCup for the first time.

I hope you’re ready to get a little personal. Some background period history on me…I just started getting my period again after I stopped breastfeeding my daughter, Abigail, at a year and half-ish. No periods for over 2 years. It was glorious! I’ve never had any “major” issues when it comes to getting my period; no crazy cramping, usually heavy to light flow that lasts about 5-7 days. Pretty standard but never enjoyable.

I am a creature of habit and when my period arrived in all its glory, I turned to my favorite feminine hygiene product…disposable pads. I like using pads because my period is over quicker than when I use tampons and I don’t like the idea or feeling of bleached cotton up inside me, but that’s just me. I have and will use tampons when I’m doing something physical or when I am experiencing a heavy flow.

When  it arrived, it was all the things I hate about periods: super heavy flow, clots (yes, I just went there); basically, a non-stop, messy, achy annoyance. I doubled up during the first day with a tampon and a pad. Both were soaked through by the end of my 5 hour shift.

My friend, Kathy (fearless leader at Lizzie Bits), had been bugging me about trying the DivaCup. I told her that my usual methods worked just fine, and that I wasn’t too excited about paying $45-ish for a something that goes up my vagina when I could stock up on pads for a while with that money. Plus, I didn’t like the inconvenience of having to dump blood in a toilet and wash the cup…plus, ewww gross.

Her response: why wouldn’t you want to spend a little extra money on something that goes up your vagina?! Your vagina deserves a little investment. How can you argue with that really? Why not try it, simply if it’s just for the sake of keeping all those pads out of landfills? Again, how can you argue…no, I love contributing to landfills. Gross? When have you experienced a period that wasn’t a little messy or gross? You’ll be very surprised at how clean it is. So, I caved and agreed to try it. I went home, DivaCup in hand, and kept a little record of how it went.

Day 1

The DivaCup looks like something that may have been included in an easy-bake oven set…a small, silicone, funnel cup. The first thing in my cynical mind was 1) how do I fit that in my vagina? And 2) I hate tampons, so there’s no way I’m going to be able to wear this thing all day.

I had visions of losing it up there and needing assistance to get it out. Or, pulling it out and dropping it, causing a Carrie-like bloodbath.

As usual, my worries were unfounded. I’m not going to lie. It takes a little practice to get it to go in properly. Do yourself a favour and read the instructions. Then, strike a Captain Morgan pose and give it a try. Although it was a little awkward the first couple attempts, once I had it in properly, it was surprisingly comfortable!

Taking it out is pretty easy, especially if I pushed down a little. Dumping the blood in the toilet and rinsing it the sink was really no big deal.  And there’s way less mess than a tampon or pad! Because all the blood is contained in the cup and there’s no leakage, I stayed pretty clean.

Day 2

Glory, glory halleluiah!!! I slept through the night and woke up completely leak-free! And because I was putting the DivaCup to the test, I even wore white underwear to bed…there wasn’t even the smallest of leaks. When I use menstrual pads, I typically wake up throughout the night to the feeling of liquid running into my butt crack. I HATE that feeling!!! Plus, I get the morning surprise of whether I leaked through my underwear and/or sheets. L Never fun. I am LOVING the DivaCup more and more!! A leak-free night sleep is a game changer for me.

A little tip…change the DivaCup in the shower. Super easy!

I should also mention that I got the DivaWash to clean the cup. You can use a mild unscented oil-free soap but the DivaWash is gentle and smells great. It leaves the cup feeling super clean and fresh.

Did you know you can wear the DivaCup for 12 hours?! I haven’t had the need to wear it that long but it was sure nice to work an entire day and not have to change my cup until I got back home.  Not to mention, I didn’t leak…at all.

Is it strange that I’m so proud of how much blood I produce?! I’ve never actually seen it because it’s always absorbed into something else. I feel so clean too. I think one of the things I am most pleased about was the fact that using the DivaCup means no period odor. Because the blood doesn’t get exposed to oxygen, you don’t have that related odor.

Day 3

Okay, I feel like a pro at putting the DivaCup in. The easiest way for me was to prop a foot up, fold the cup like a taco, and insert the The DivaCup horizontally (toward the tailbone) and then give it a full turn. I can’t feel it when it’s in there AND it’s secure.

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I do wear a tampon and I have to go poop, it feels like it’s going to come out. Heck, if I laugh too hard it feels like it’s going to come out sometimes. I haven’t experienced that at all with the DivaCup. I can run (as if I tested that out), high kick, squat, and poop without the DivaCup moving…awesome!

This will probably be the last day of my period…just a small amount coming out now. I am so happy that my period is over after 4 days.

No lies, no exaggerations… I am a complete fan of the DivaCup!!! This will be my only period product. I really don’t need anything else.


If you’re still unsure if the DivaCup may be right for you, let’s do a quick review of why I LOVE the DivaCup: can wear up to 12 hours, totally leak-free, ridiculously comfortable, no period smell, stays where it should, can sleep without leaking, period is over quicker, feel more clean & fresh. Oh, and I should add: no more contributing to the landfills, and I’ll never have to spend money on other products again.diva-cup2

Try it for yourself and make getting your period not such a pain in the…well, you know.


Thanks for reading!!!








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My name is Rose and I am a tea drinker

Yes, I’ll admit it…

My name is Rose and I am a tea drinker.

Moreover, I’m trained as a doula and I have studied herbalism. I know, firsthand, how herbal medicine can bring relief, pleasure, and vitality to women. I mention all of this so you understand my background when evaluating the amazing line of Matraea Trading organic teas we carry at Lizzie Bits.

Matraea Trading is a B.C. company that was founded by two midwives with a vision to empower women to have beautiful, safe and healthy experiences with pregnancy, birth and beyond.  When using herbal medicine, it is particularly important to know that all of the herbs you’re consuming have been approved for safe use during pregnancy and/or nursing.  Many herbs haven’t been studied for use during these times of a woman’s life, so it’s worth it to buy from a company that specializes in maternal health.

Many pregnant women suddenly find friendly strangers recommending raspberry leaf tea to them.  Or maybe they come into Lizzie Bits, and find themselves confronted with an assortment of cute little tins of tea… that they wouldn’t know what to do with.  Pregnancy and the post-partum period can be great times to experiment with herbal teas! There are many great products that are specific to these times of women’s lives.  Herbs can help relieve common discomforts or challenges of pregnancy, labor, nursing, and motherhood.

So, let’s start with one you may have heard talk of before:

Nourishing Raspberry Leaf raspberry

The “perfect pregnancy tea”, this is a great summertime drink, and can be used through your entire pregnancy, although it should be used cautiously in the first trimester if you have a history of miscarriage. This herb is a go-to for many moms and moms-to-be, and for good reason.  It has been used since ancient times to tone and strengthen the uterus during pregnancy.  It’s safe to use when nursing, and can help reduce menstrual cramps as well.  It’s also high in Vitamin C, and tastes wonderful iced with a bit of honey and lemon!


Refreshing Gingingerger Mint

The combination of ginger root and spearmint mean that this tea is a great help with morning sickness.  A warm cup sipped slowly first thing in the morning can do wonders to help you through your first trimester.  It also tastes awesome, and is safe for use throughout pregnancy and nursing.



Not-So-Swell Comfort Teacomfort

The combination of Nettle leaf and Corn silk gently helps your body to reduce swelling caused by water retention.  These herbs also contribute to bladder health. Nettle is high in iron which many moms-to-be are deficient in.  The addition of spearmint means that the tea tastes rich and refreshing. This tea is safe for both pregnancy and nursing.


Glowing Every Mevery mamaama Tea

This unique blend of herbs, including Blessed Thistle, Marshmallow Root, and Peppermint, was created just for new mothers.  It’s rich in nutrients and trace minerals, which help to rebuild strength after labour, and also has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous and digestive systems. This is a great gift to aid a new mom’s recovery, as well as help her to nourish her little one.


Rumina’s Abundance Tea

This tea was abundancecreated to help your milk supply flow abundantly.  Fenugreek, Fennel, and Caraway increase milk production, as well as helping to prevent colic in breastfed babies.  This tea is named after Rumina, the Roman Goddess of Breastfeeding.  So, pour yourself a cup, sit proud and tall, and enjoy the process of feeding your baby.


iron mamaEnergizing Iron Mama Tea

Nettle and Oatstraw provide a multitude of minerals, which are essential for a healthy, energetic pregnancy.  This tea helps to replenish iron and calcium stores after blood loss, making it a great choice for immediately postpartum as well.  The blend of herbs is also calming and relaxing, and has a lovely rich taste. This is a great gift for a weary momma or momma-to-be!


Matraea Trading also has a line of skin care products, including Radiant Belly Butter for your growing belly, Labour Massage Oil to ease you through the process, Nipple Fix to soothe and heal sore nipples throughout pregnancy and nursing, and Better Baby Bum Cream for just that – bettering your baby’s bum!  They also have created a Perineal Healing Soak which is absolutely essential to soothe and repair your bruised and swollen tissues immediately after baby is born.  It’s also wonderful for healing tears and helping moms to feel as comfortable as they can, as quickly as they can. post partum essentials

Finally, this awesome company has also created Homebirth, Labour, and Postpartum essentials kits, filled with items to support women through the birth process and journey of motherhood.



Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a shower or are looking for some herbal support to help you feel your best throughout your childbearing year, our staff can help you to sift through the options and choose the best products for your situation.

Thank you for reading!



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Why you need the Comotomo Teether…NOW!!!


I think that all parents can agree that teething time is no fun for anyone in the family. Your little angel has grown devil horns because he or she is in pain and you will do ANYTHING to help them through this sore time.  If you have been in the shop with your teething baby, we have probably suggested the Comotomo teether to you.  This is our top-selling teething toy for a number of reasons.

The first thing that stands out about the Comotomo teether is that it is made of silicone which means that it is non-porous and won’t harbor bacteria which is always a good thing. BONUS: PET HAIR WON’T STICK TO IT!!! If you’re like us, this is a biggie as sometimes dropping a soother or teether means picking up a furry little creature.

Another great feature to this teether is the circular handle. It is the perfect shape for little hands to hold onto and maneuver. In addition, soother clips can easily be fastened onto it to prevent losing and dropping it.   11304055_10153248787670943_1664449841_n

My favorite part of the Comotomo teether is how effective it is. Your baby will shove their fingers in their mouths to chew and suck on in an attempt to self-soothe their sore mouths. Because of its awesome design which includes 4 prongs that resemble the size and shape of your little one’s fingers, your baby will LOVE it and USE it!!! Each individual prong has a different texture which is fantastic for babies to rub on their gums. Plus, they can reach to the back of their gums to go where some teethers cannot. They can rub, grind, suck, and chew their hearts out without hurting their fingers.

The Comotomo Teether is a true testament of how a brilliant design made from a great material equals a wonderful product. And that is why you need the Comotomo Teether for your little devil, ahem, I mean angel.

Thanks for reading! Xo Marie


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Why Lizzie Bits Charges for Carrier Fittings

Recently, there have been some questions regarding our carrier fitting services. I wanted to provide some clarity to all and I hope this helps!

Purchasing a baby carrier is an investment and we want you to be completely satisfied with that investment. In order to do this, we may ask a variety of questions, answer your questions, explain, and demonstrate an assortment of carriers. Every carrier fits differently and will work differently for each person or couple depending on preferences, body size/shape, and lifestyle. Getting a customized fit will mean endless hours of enjoyment for you and your baby.

Currently, we offer 2 services:

1. Free Demo: We will explain the features and differences between the carriers, demonstrate any of the carriers on ourselves, and answer general questions.

2. $25 Carrier Consultation: A private session for a more in-depth look at the carriers. During the consultation you will be able to try on a multitude of carriers with you and your baby to ensure a great, customized fit. Also, we can provide help with carriers not purchased with us. A consultation appointment will best serve those who are not sure what they want in a carrier and want to be certain before investing their money. If you purchase a carrier within the week, we will credit you $25 towards that purchase!!!

There are a number of reasons that we have decided to make this change.

  • SAFETY – Safety is our priority. We want to ensure you understand the carrier so your baby is comfortable and safe! We need to make sure that you understand the different functions, feel and fit for how the carrier works. We simply cannot do this while we are helping other customers or fulfilling other work place duties. Over the last 18 months, we have seen customers undress mannequins to try on the carriers themselves, putting their baby in the carrier sometimes incorrectly and without assistance from myself or employees. Our liability insurance does not cover babies in carriers. For all these reasons, it’s just not worth the risk.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are unable to provide you with the utmost customer service and the dedicated time you need while our attention is divided among other customers and other work place tasks. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Your investment requires our attention. We want to ensure that all of our customers feel cared for and booking a carrier consultation allows for that dedicated one-on-one time.
  • “SHOWROOMING” – Try it here, buy it here. Simple. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times that we’ve had customers come in to try out a specific type of carrier and then purchase it online. I hope you understand why we would like to focus our time and energy for those people who shop with us.

Please be aware that sometimes we are able to do an on the spot consultation; however, most of the time, scheduling is done to accommodate an average business day. This is a new set-up and we are now offering weekend and evening fittings so both mother and father are able to be in attendance.

Purchasing a carrier from us ALWAYS comes with an open invitation to contact us or come in any time if something doesn’t feel right or isn’t quite working. We are dedicated to long-term carrier care and service as your child grows.

Thank you for reading! Thank you for supporting the Lizzie Bits family!

Kathy xo




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Rockin’ Green Rescue!!!

Tired of having your beautiful jewellery tarnish? Well, Rockin’ Green to the rescue! Use this 1 minute restoration and go from drab to fab!

WRockin Green Rescuehat you’ll need:

– Bowl

– Aluminium Foil

– Hot Water

– Rockin’ Green laundry detergent

– Your jewellery



Step 1: Line bowl with aluminum foil

Step 2: Add hot tap water

Step 3: 1 tbsp. Rockin’  Green

Step 4: Add tarnished jewellery and let it soak for 60 seconds.

Step 5: Rinse well and air dry.


It’s just that simple! Let us know how much you love this.

Thanks! Kathy xo


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